Fractal Weekly Options Review | Brand new Options Trading Program

The only way to move ahead in the trading world is to get better information than the next guy (or gal). Right? That’s why I recently shared with you Doc Severson’s discovery about the market’s ongoing shift …

…and how the strategies and tools currently used were created for markets much different than they are today.

Now get this.

Doc just revealed his primary trading strategy.

It not only allows you to trade today’s markets with better success, but also … Dramatically makes your chart reading easier… identifies where markets are trending … and anticipates consolidations and reversals – regardless of timeframe.

Let me give you a quick glimpse into his approach … You see, Doc discovered today’s market acts in a pattern that mimics nature. It runs, rests and keeps repeating the same process. So once you know this configuration, you can anticipate markets changing before they actually happen – keeping probability in your favor.

In this video, Doc shows you the pattern and how to recognize it in your charts. And if you’re impatient with theory and simply want to see the strategy in action, don’t worry. Doc walks you through several actual trades, including one that generated a 168% return in less than 3 days.

So before you make your next trade, watch the tips in this tutorial. You’ll see how you can risk less and make a more consistent income.

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Options Income Engine Trading Course by Bill Poulos

Using simple math, you’re about to see proof on how you can make 12 times more on your trades with 92.5% less risk. How?

By throwing away almost EVERY options trading strategy and applying an unusual “180 degree shift” to just ONE simple technique.

When implemented in a precise way, this technique also eliminates 95% of the riskiest markets…

– leaving the safest ones that hold the most profit potential.

Everything will be taught this week on a new training website, and you’re invited.

==> To watch the first training video, go here

You’ll probably never want to trade stocks again after you get a taste of this technique…

Even if you’ve never traded options before, I guarantee you’ll understand how to use this technique. It’s so simple (and so powerful), it kind of feels like you have a personal trading assistant driving your own sort of profit “engine”…

Want to learn more?

==> Visit Official Options Income Engine Website Here



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The Strike Trader Review – No Hype Review – Get The Facts

For a long time now, Winner’s Edge team has been working on a tool to target aggressive gains in the market. While they always try to encourage proper risk management, reasonable expectations, etc. the truth is that day trading is high risk no matter how you slice it…

So it’s been their goal to come up with an aggressive approach that still keeps you in control as a trader. Over the past year, they have been testing different elements and approaches extensively to find a balance of aggressive reward and limited drawdown.

In recent months, they’ve zeroed in on a strategy that has done extremely well, winning over 70% of its trades and delivering a lot of possible entries based on the strategy guidelines. That means the possibility to attempt to grow their account every day rather than waiting and holding onto longer term setups.

After continued testing and live trading, their confidence is through the roof on this approach and they literally cannot wait to release is to a select number of traders to begin using in their account.

While Winner’s Edge has always worked hard to help traders, I can honestly say that nothing they have ever come up with compares to this approach. The new tool that makes the strategy easy to follow is constantly alerting us with good trade triggers…

It’s really awesome.

I can tell you that this is the best thing for helping traders they have ever produced and I think you’ll agree when you see it in action.

The Strike Trader is a brand new product on Forex Trading. Checkout this website frequently to get updates on Strike Trader Review.

Want to learn more and see The Strike Trader in action? Follow the link below to get all the details.


==> Visit Official Strike Trader Website Here


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Simpler Stocks Free Video | Profit, Protection AND Peace of Mind while Trading?

Those three adjectives normally don’t fit together when we talk about trading…but in this DOES!

==> Profit, Protection AND Peace of Mind while Trading

John Carter will be showing you EXACTLY how to have all three of the above pretty soon. And John shows secrets and tricks the NO ONE else can…because he’s a HUGE trader.

In this Free Workshop John Carter is going to share:

– How you can a add high probability trading technique that you can use on small to large accounts the next trading day

– Why ETFs have a strategic advantage over any other market you’re trading

– Why ETFs can be used to create steady winning trades for your trading account

– Why ETFs help you avoid being impacted by high frequency traders that are manipulating other markets

– How to trade ETFs to generate consistent income within your own personal risk profile


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Simpler Options by John Carter | Small Account? WATCH THIS! | Free Options Video

Account growth is on my mind, and I’m sure it’s on yours…so watch this free video from millionaire trader John Carter:

==> How to Grow a Small Account into a BIG One

Here’s what you’ll learn from John:

– The difference between trading for income vs. growth and what no one else will tell you about this

– The # 1 job of every trader has to accomplish or look for a new job

– Why you don’t want to focus on being right in trading and yes this is counter intuitive

– Examples of my favorite trades for growing a small account

– Position sizing appropriately for a small account and the types of stocks and ETFs to trade

John shows his REAL account, and shows a 5k account he’ll be growing and how he’s already grown it!

==> Watch the video here…

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Weekly Income Now | A weird quirk that pays instant profits

Chris Verhaegh’s Weekly Income Now System is an exclusive options advisory service which delivers specific trade alerts via email. Leveraging Chris’ high performing PULSE trading technique, this method reveals how to make 100% – 1,000% in one week.  Traders will quickly learn strategies on how to pocket $25,000 per month while also building a huge $2.73M nest egg.  Every subscriber will also receive access to Chris’ Weekly W.I.N. Options Trading Course (Manual and DVDs), his popular weekly W.I.N. Options Newsletter and a special “Advanced” Bonus seminar DVD collection so they can learn the strategies on which W.I.N.’s recommendations are based. This course/system includes actual trades, has a full performance guarantee and very often finds 500% – 1,000% gains within one – two days.

Want to learn more?

==> Visit official Weekly Income Now website here

Whgo is Chris Verhaegh?

Chris Verhaegh’s father, who immigrated to the US from the Netherlands as a young teen, needed to help support his 9 siblings. So he never went to high school. Wanting better for their son, Chris’s parents were understandably grateful when his genius for math earned him a scholarship to a prestigious prep school in LA, (at age 14 Chris wrote and sold a logic puzzle to Dell Crosswords).

And that’s where it all began…

Chris’s 11th grade guidance counselor got him a job as mail clerk for an investment firm. Soon, Chris was writing the newsletters he previously addressed and mailed. And a few years later he became head of the precious metals division during the great ‘Gold Rush’.

In 1983, after the gold-bubble burst, Chris went to work for a private mint where he honed his skills as a precious metals trader, using options to hedge major holdings.

In search of a simpler lifestyle, Chris moved his wife and young daughter to Boise Idaho, (3 sons were subsequently born there). And he settled into trading for a living… plus writing, speaking, and teaching.

  • Wrote more than 100 weekly columns for
  • Conducted seminars and workshops for Investools and has been a frequent speaker at Investor Conferences and Money Shows
  • On Business Advisory Board at Northwest Nazarene University
  • Consultant for a European Investment Bank where he taught technical analysis to their fund managers, advised their proprietary trade desk, and helped trade over $2Billion.

Then, a collision of motivation and opportunity ushered in an exciting and extremely gratifying new chapter in Chris Verhaegh’s illustrious career…

Motivation: Homeschool advocate and promoter Rhea Perry asked Chris to design a trading course that would allow parents with very little capital to earn a reliable income while staying home with their children.

Opportunity: The CBOE introduced Weekly Options, which suddenly made it possible to turn $100-bills into $1,000 paydays… or $500 into a $5,000 payday… 52 weeks of the year.

So Chris designed the trading course Perry requested. And it did, in fact, give stay-at-home moms and dads a chance to live the lifestyle of their dreams. So naturally, they told their friends and family. And by word-of-mouth over $1million in courses were quickly sold.

The immediate success of so many beginning traders created quite a stir in the financial community… which led to additional courses and subscription products.

WIN – Weekly Income Now… which combines education with action-ready email alerts… is the latest, greatest, and easiest wealth-building opportunity of them all.

If you can read, you can WIN!

==> Visit official Weekly Income Now website here

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OViCoPilot Review | How to Use Options Data to Identify AND Trade the BEST STOCKS

The OViCoPilot is the new automated module of Guy Cohen’s unique OVI-Flag trading method. With no human interference, no compounding and no leverage, this system achieved net profits of over 208% (that’s triple the account), and these results include the time of the 2008-2009 crash (the biggest since 1929).

The new automated OViCoPilot which has been tested to tough institutional standards, making trading even easier and more efficient, while also reducing risk. Guy’s unique technique combines price action together with hidden transaction activity to form a brilliant “forensic” method of trading.

He’s now taken this to a new level with the OViCoPilot.

The OViCoPilot stays true to Guy’s classic method, finding the best OVI-Flag combinations, and capitalizing on big moves BEFORE THEY HAPPEN!

Watch this video to learn more:

==> How to Use Options Data to Identify AND Trade the BEST STOCKS in 10 Minutes per day

This is a must watch video! Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Why Wall Street wanted to keep my stunning discovery about options a secret
  • The trading system that is approved by hedge fund managers
  • How to capitalize from options data WITHOUT knowing how to trade options
  • How to SPY on the insiders in the market
  • How to identify high-probability and low-risk trades
  • How do all this in just 10 minutes per day

OViCoPilot Frequently Asked Questions
Why is the OViCoPilot not producing any trades?

As Guy has stated from the outset, there will be times where the OViCoPilot finds no situations that fit its algorithms. Ultimately this is to protect you. The OViCoPilot only produces trades that fit its optimized settings. Even if a stock looks great and could even be a great trade, if it misses the algorithm by a penny it won’t be included.

Remember the equity curve of the OViCoPilot from 2008 to early 2013 (see below). It does have periods where it is very quiet. This can last for weeks at a time. But then all of a sudden it can make a big burst. This is absolutely by design. We want to be active when the market is in our favor, and quiet when it’s not. Breakout trading systems do tend to work in this way.

When the OViCoPilot is inactive, can I find trades myself with FlagTrader (or the OVI Traders Club site) instead?

Yes, absolutely. This is why the OViCoPilot is not available on its own and is only available together with FlagTrader. The latest version of FlagTrader is significantly improved and more precise, meaning significantly less time required to find great setups.

I noticed the OViCoPilot occasionally highlights a stock that has already broken out? Is this still tradeable?

Yes, it’s still tradeable within the OViCoPilot world. Remember the OViCoPilot is automated and is not intended as a discretionary system. The parameters have been optimized and occasionally bring up a stock that has just broken out and is still tradeable. By contrast, FlagTrader and the OVI Traders Club are intended as a “guided discretionary” method. For that we only trade the breakout itself. Ultimately there are subtle differences between trading an automated system where the parameters are absolute, and a guided discretionary system where you can use your eyes.

Watch this video to learn more:

==> How to Use Options Data to Identify AND Trade the BEST STOCKS in 10 Minutes per day

There are trades in FlagTrader that look great but aren’t in the OViCoPilot. Why not?

The OViCoPilot adheres to very specific and precise formulas that have been back-tested and optimized over several years, and then run forwards. As such there will always be seemingly great opportunities that are not picked up. This is why we want you to be able to find your own as well – either via FlagTrader or the OVI Traders Club as well if you have it.

Over what time frame should I evaluate the OViCoPilot’s effectiveness?

The OViCoPilot was originally tested over a period of five years from 2008 to 2013. This period included the stock market’s biggest crash since 1929 and its subsequent recovery. The OViCoPilot outperformed the S&P each year. In terms of evaluating the system it’s something you should monitor over a couple of years at least. It’s not something to judge just after a few weeks or even months, because the market could be going through one of its prolonged sideways moves. During these times the OViCoPilot will be subdued.

In the ‘New Orders’ page it says the trade should be opened as a ‘buy stop’ for long trades. What if the stock gaps up at the open?

The OViCoPilot has been tested to include gaps. This is different to the ‘guided discretionary’ method that Guy teaches in FlagTrader where you would use a buy-stop-limit order where possible. For OViCoPilot trades the entry is intended as a ‘buy stop’ order. This means you may indeed be gapped at the open.

Which markets does the OViCoPilot cover?

S&P 500 Only

How far back has the OViCoPilot been tested?

The OViCoPilot was extensively back-tested from the beginning of 2008 to the end of 2012, and then forward from the beginning of 2013.

What happens if I missed the trade and it’s already been triggered?

If following the system strictly then you’ve missed that trade and it will now be in the ‘Working Trades’ area. If you’re applying your own discretion to the OViCoPilot, then you may take a view.

How should I size my trades?

Our excellent results are based on trading with the same dollar size of trade, regardless of the share price. This means that all individual trades carry virtually the same amount of risk as each other. You are free to position-size as you wish, but be careful to not be over-exposed on any single position.

Watch this video to learn more:

==> How to Use Options Data to Identify AND Trade the BEST STOCKS in 10 Minutes per day

What is ATR and why do you use it for the OViCoPilot but not FlagTrader?

Average True Range (ATR) is a measure of volatility which our CoPilots use in order to determine optimum profit targets, initial stop loss and trailing stops.

The reason for using ATR for the CoPilots is that the system is entirely objective and automated, so the figures we use are based solely on results from extensive back-testing. You’ll notice that within FlagTrader we teach a more discretionary way of managing our trades. This ‘Guided Discretionary’ method is not possible with an automated system.

The ‘True Range’ indicator is defined by the greatest of the following:

  • current high less the current low.
  • the absolute value of the current high less the previous close.
  • the absolute value of the current low less the previous close.

The average true range is a moving average (generally 14-days) of the true ranges. For our CoPilots we use different multiples for ATR for profit targets, initial stop loss and trailing stops.

When a stock opens with a gap beyond the entry price, how is this being recorded in the CoPilots section?

In our back-testing, if the stock gapped up past the entry price, we assumed a fill at the open. We found that this is quite conservative, especially because many times the gap is filled very soon after the open and better fills are to be had. However, we also felt that the open is the fairest way to record new gapped-up trades moving forward, even if it may be harmful to our stats.

How do I calculate the spreadbet price for the Buy Entry and Sell Stop?

You can use the Spreadbet Pricer calculator for this.

Use the Buy mode with the Buy Entry Price to calculate the spreadbet entry price then use the Sell mode with the Initial Stop price to get the spreadbet sell stop price

Results are indicative as to IG Index’s stated pricing algorithms.

Setting orders for P1 with IG Index

When taking P1 with IG Index you’ll have to actually place two orders.

Watch this video to learn more:

==> How to Use Options Data to Identify AND Trade the BEST STOCKS in 10 Minutes per day

Who Is Guy Cohen?

A trading innovator, Guy Cohen is the creator of the OVI, FlagTrader and OptionEasy, as well as being the author of several best selling books.

  • The Insider Edge
  • Options Made Easy
  • The Bible of Options Strategies
  • Volatile Markets Made Easy

With blue chip clients who have included NYSE Euronext and the ISE, Guy has introduced his user-friendly brand of trading to over 100,000 traders throughout the world.

Specializing in stock and options trading applications Guy is acknowledged as a trusted pioneer of trading education.

An established and entertaining speaker, Guy’s applications serve as a virtual trading mentor, dedicated to your success.

Guy has an MBA (Finance) from Cass Business School, London.

Guy’s books are bestsellers in the field of trading, and are translated into multiple languages including Mandarin Chinese and Indonesian.

Watch this video to learn more:

==> How to Use Options Data to Identify AND Trade the BEST STOCKS in 10 Minutes per day

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This Undervalued Energy Stock is Set to Soar!

The fact is, you don’t have to search very far to figure out what the stock market has been up to lately. The energy sector is heating up and one stock in particular is looking like a technical and fundamental undervalued powerhouse.

This exclusive report analyzes the energy sector, all the way from a macro perspective down to this one specific stock and explains why it may outperform the sector in 2014.

This free report will tell you the exact stock to keep an eye on plus:

  • Why this stock is significantly undervalued compared to its peers.
  • Why I think this stock will outperform the energy sector.
  • Why this stock is set up to soar in 2014.

View this report – This Undervalued Energy Stock is Set to Soar!

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Keys to Investor Success – Elliott Wave Theory

Elliott Wave Theory – Plenty of people will freely offer you advice on how to spend or invest your money. “Buy low and sell high,” they’ll tell you, “that’s really all there is to it!” And while there is a core truth to the statement, the real secret is in knowing how to spot the highs and lows, and thus, when to do your buying and selling. Sadly, that’s the part of the equation that most of the advice givers you’ll run across are content to leave you in the dark about.

The reality is that no matter how many times you are told differently, there is no ‘magic bullet.’ There is no plan, no series of steps you can follow that will, with absolute certainty, bring you wealth. If you happen across anyone who says otherwise, you can rely on the fact that he or she has an agenda, and that at least part of that agenda involves convincing you to open your wallet.

In the place of a surefire way to make profits, what is there? Where can you turn, and what kinds of things should you be looking for?

The answers to those questions aren’t as glamorous sounding as the promises made by those who just want to take your money, but they are much more effective. Things like careful, meticulous research. Market trend analysis. Paying close attention to extrinsic factors that could impact whatever industry you’re planning to invest in, and of course, Elliott wave theory. If you’ve never heard of the Elliott wave, you owe it to yourself to learn more about it.

Postulated by Ralph Nelson Elliott in the late 1930’s, it is essentially a psychological approach to investing that identifies specific stimuli that large groups tend to respond to in the same way. By identifying these stimuli, it then becomes possible to predict which direction the market will likely move, and as he outlined in his book “The Wave Principle,” market prices tend to unfold in specific patterns or ‘waves.’

The fact that many of the most successful Wall Street investors and portfolio managers use this type of trend analysis in their own decision making process should be compelling evidence that you should consider doing the same. No, it’s not perfect, and it is certainly not a guarantee, but it provides a strong framework of probability that, when combined with other research and analysis, can lead to consistently good decisions, and at the end of the day, that’s what investing is all about. Consistently good decision making.

We use Elliott Wave Theory in real time by looking at the larger patterns of the SP 500 index for example. We deploy Fibonacci math analysis to prior up and down legs in the markets to determine where we are in an Elliott Wave pattern.  This helps us decide if to be aggressive when the markets correct, go short the market, or to do nothing for example.  It also prevents us from making panic type decisions, whether that be in chasing a hot stock too higher or selling something too low before a reversal.  We also can use Elliott Wave Theory to help us determine when to be aggressive in selling or buying, on either side of a trade.

For many, its not practical to employ Elliott Wave analysis with individual stocks and trading, but it can be done with experience.  We instead use a combination of big picture views like weekly charts, Wave patterns within those weekly views, and then zoom in to shorter term technical to determine ultimate timing for entry and exit.  This type of big picture view coupled with micro analysis of the charts gives us more clarity and better results.

One of our favorite patterns for example is the “ABC” pattern.  Partially taken from Elliott Wave Theory, we mix in a few of our own ingredients to help with timing entries and exits.  This is where you have an initial massive rally or the “A” wave pattern. Say a stock like TSLA goes from $30 to $180 per share, which it did.  The B wave is what you wait for and using Fibonacci analysis and Elliott Wave Theory we can calculate a good entry point on the B wave correction.  TSLA dropped from $180 to about $ 120, retracing roughly 38% (Fibonacci retracement) of the rally $30 to $180.  The B wave bottomed out as everyone was negative on the stock and sentiment was bearish. That is when you get long for the “C” wave.  The C wave is when the stock regains momentum, good news starts to unfold, and sentiment turns bullish.  We can often calculate the B wave as it relates often to the A wave amplitude.  Example is the TSLA “A” wave was 150 points, so the C wave will be about the same or more.

When TSLA recently ran up to about $270 per share, we were in uber bullish “C” wave mode, and we had run up $150 (Same as the A wave) from $120 to $270.  That is when you know it’s a good time to start peeling off shares. Often though, the C wave will be 150-161% of the  A wave, so TSLA may not have completed it’s run just yet.

Elliott Wave Theory

Knowing when to enter and exit a position whether your time frame is short, intermediate, or longer… can often be identified with good Elliott Wave Theory practices.  Your results and your portfolio will appreciate it, just look at our ATP track record from April 1 2013 to March 3rd 2014 inclusive of all closed out swing positions.  We incorporated Elliott Wave Theory into our stock picking starting last April and you can see the results:

ATP Elliott Wave Trading

Join Us Today And Start Making Real Money Trading – Click Here

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ETF Income Engine | ProfitBlazer Method Free Download

One of the financial education industry’s top traders has been recently spending a lot more time at his new home in Florida to escape the brutal Michigan winters…

(His wife teasingly has started calling him a ‘beach bum’.)

And that’s where he discovered a brand new 4-step ‘blueprint’ that has the potential to earn up to 23.2% per year in a kind of ‘under the radar’ market.

No, it’s not stocks, it’s not forex, and it’s not even options.

He designed this to work even when the general markets are way down and everybody else’s portfolios are getting pummeled.

And the best part? You only need to manage your trades on the weekend. It takes about 20 minutes, and over a recent 4 year period it won 80.7% of the time.

Now, I don’t know how well you’ll do with it – you could do worse & you could better – but I’d like to invite you to test it out & let me know what your results are.

I think you’ll be surprised.

All the steps are documented on an easy-to-read ‘blueprint’ that you can download immediately right here.

March 2014 Profits Run will be releasing their new product ETF Income Engine.

ProfitsRun have been in business for the last 13 years and they are behind some of the winning trading products like Forex Profit Multiplier, Forex Profit Accelerator and Market Mastery among others.

Stay tuned for more information on this ETF Income Engine product.

Introducing, the ETF Income Engine (EIE). This is all about trading once/week on weekly ETF charts for US, London, Canadian, and Australian markets. They have 4 brand new trading methods behind it.

==> Visit ETF Income Engine Official Website

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