OptionsMD Mentoring Program

High Probability Options Trading Strategies for Investors Seeking Monthly Income!

OptionsMD is a widely-acclaimed, interactive mentoring program specifically reserved for investors seeking consistent monthly income and is the masterpiece of underground trader, Doc Severson. Doc brings his years of hands-on trading experience and creates a refreshing perspective on Options trading that is much safer, more consistent and more rewarding than anything available on the market.

Who is Doc Severson?

Doc Severson is one of Trading Concepts’ secret weapons and, until recently, was only known among an exclusive group of professional options traders.

There are not many believable trading teachers. Most are more into taking your money, than helping YOU make it. So, when I find a well-recommended and well-respected trading teacher… especially in the Options field, I pay attention. And so should you, if you’re interested in options.

Doc Severson, the trader/teacher whom I speak of, will tell you very early on that he got serious about making options work for him via a combination of Desperation and Inspiration. I found that refreshing.

Doc is a master of entering trades with a very high probability of winning, through using options combinations that have a WIDE margin of error. IN FACT, you can actually be wrong on the trade and still make money.

Doc Severson has been trading underground for years and has made quite a living by trading differently than everyone else.

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What’s Inside the OptionsMD Strategy Trading & Mentoring Program:

  • Totally interactive, online trading environment where you can learn, ask questions and interact with other traders
  • 6 – private webinars
  • A step-by-step complete strategy blueprint where all Doc’s trade secrets and strategies will be fully disclosed to you (including secret options trading strategies that are the professional’s income-generating strategies of choice!)
  • The foundations of options trading success (even experienced traders will begin to see things differently!)
  • Options trading strategies for Bull Markets, Bear Markets, and Sideways Markets (plus How to quickly identify the phase of the market so that you’re never caught on the wrong side again!)
  • 4 Modules (Foundations, Skills, Mastery & Pro) destined to help you get primed, pumped and have all the tools in place to build your financial future!
  • PDF Guides, cheat sheets, worksheets, countless trade examples, video-based quizzes and more just to help you make more money!

What’s Covered in the OptionsMD Strategy Trading & Mentoring Program:

  • Fully disclosed, full access, to every high probability strategy Doc uses for pulling consistent and dependable monthly income!
  • How to build real wealth faster and with more confidence with Doc’s renowned income pyramid!
  • How to quickly identify trading opportunities in just 15 minutes a day!
  • How to make money, regardless of the market direction!
  • How to enter and exit a trade for maximum gain and minimum risk!
  • How to manage your account so that you can go to sleep without having to worry about taking on too much risk!

OptionsMD is the most comprehensive, most powerful and most likely to improve your financial situation course anywhere available on the planet!

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